Friday, June 6, 2014


Inshore light game has been on a craze lately. From micro jigging to casting sinking plugs, here's a collection of our photos from various trips of light game fun at the nearby islands and shipwrecks.
Small Emperor on OA Tacko mini jig
GT on Jackson Pintail Tune
Coral Trout on Jackall Squad Minnow
Another banded Coral Trout on Jackson Pintail Tune
A rare catch on jig, the Tuskfish is a welcomed bycatch.
Golden Snapper on Ima Gunpeki
Beautiful Ladyfish on Ima Gun again.
GT on Ima Gun
Longfin Trevally on Ima Gun
GT on Jackson Pintail Tune
Plenty of juvenile GTs around as this one was taken on a Native Assassin chugger
More GTs, this on the Xesta After Burner jig
Here's a nice one on the Major Craft Giant Killing rod and a prototype stickbait
Premium tools in this Evergreen Poseidon Salty Sensation rod with a Grouper taken on a Megabass X Agitate jig.
Snapper on Ima Gun in new colors
A common catch around our islands, the Spotted Mackerel on a fast retrieved Ima Gun Peki
More mack action on Jackson Pintail Tune
It gets bigger as this big Mack didn't hesitate to slam this Native Assassin Boil chugger
Queenfish on Megabass casting outfit
Another Queenfish on Xesta After Burner jig
Mack Tuna on Jackall Squad Minnow
Good size Longfin Trevally
Diamond Trevally on Bassday Nin Cas mini madai
Another Longfin Trevally on Jackson Pintail EZ
Golden Trevally on Ima Gunpeki
Beautiful Golden Snapper on Jackson Pintail Tune
Queenie on Ima Spin Gulf
Rare Mack on FCL Labo CSP stickbait
Maori Wrasse on Bassday Nin Cas 
End with a nice Emperor on Ima Spin Gulf

Friday, November 22, 2013


The humble snakehead. One of the fishes most newbies entering the field of lure casting cuts their teeth in but it still provide fun and exciting moments for seasoned anglers to while away the time. Snakehead are prolific in a lot of waterholes but while it may be common, they sometimes prove to be choosy with their lures and only the best presented lures accounts for awesome strikes.
Going after this local species can be exciting on topwater frogging lures. Nothing beats a surface takes when going after this species. The IMA Dabeat frog is the newest in the market, along with the Kahara Frogs and the Jackall Xeno Buzz soft plastic frog. Enjoy the pictures below of our recent catches,

 IMA Dabeat.
  IMA Dabeat.

IMA Dabeat.

 IMA Dabeat.

 IMA Dabeat.

 KAHARA Baby Frog. 

KAHARA Baby Frog. 
 Jackall Xeno Buzz

 Jackall Xeno Buzz 
 IMA Dabeat
 IMA Dabeat in heavy cover.
Big one on a Megabass Pony Gabot
Open area luring. 
 Jackall Squad Shad 65

 DUO Realis Shad